by Jannes Neumann

Ruediger Kunz, † 28 July 2013

Ruediger Kunz

(* 17. November 1926 - † 28. July 2013)

OSTIV-Prize winner Ruediger Kunz died on 28 July 2013 at age 87. Obsequies were celebrated on 8 August 2013 at Bad Voeslau, Austria.

Rüdiger Kunz

Ruediger Kunz won the OSTIV-Prize in 1960 for the design of the Standard Class Sailplane “Standard Austria”. OSTIV president de Lange handed the prize to him during the WGC 1960 at Cologne, Germany where the Standard Austria performed extremely well.
Ruediger Kunz was a glider instructor, the head of the Aeroclub workshop and later worked for AIRBUS and took an important share in the EUROFIGHTER design.
In the last years he consulted the certification of the Superdimona and Katana aircraft. He helpfully consulted in amateur airplane development. We lost an enthusiastic and important aircraft designer.

Gerhard Waibel, Bad Hindelang