The OSTIV Congress

The OSTIV Congress is held simultaneously with the World Gliding Championships at the same site and addresses all scientific and technical aspects of soaring flight including motorgliding, hanggliding, paragliding, ultralight sailplanes and aeromodeling.

Opportunity for presentation and discussion of papers is given in the following categories:

  • Scientific Sessions: Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics as related to soaring flight.
  • Technical Sessions: Aerodynamics, Structures, Materials, Design, Maintenance and Sailplane development.
  • Training and Safety Sessions: Training and Safety, Coaching, Health and Physiology.

Joint Sessions: Scientific and technical topics, reviews or news, presented in an informative and entertaining way for the broader interest of the World Gliding Championships and OSTIV.

Topics on instrumentation, electronics, safety, statistics and other system technologies will be included in the sessions for which the application of the technology is most relevant.