Sailplane Development Panel

The Sailplane Development Panel (SDP) is one of three panels within OSTIV. The SDP members are representatives of sailplane manufacturers and aviation authorities as well as experts and scientists from all over the world.

Its work is mainly focused on:

  • Identification of safety deficiencies base on accident investigations
  • Definition of new airworthiness requirements based on research projects carried out by SDP members or invited guests
  • Preparation of OSTIVAS
  • Consultative support of IGC in technical aspects of gliding for the definition of new competition rules.
  • Standing rule making group for CS-22 in cooperation with EASA.

This work is partly performed by SDP subgroups

The Panel has a three day Meeting once a year. The Meeting every second year is held during the World Gliding Championships at the same location prior to the OSTIV Congress.

The Sailplane Development Panel is chaired by: Michael Greiner