Meteorological Panel

The OSTIV MET Panels have been organized biannually. The First Chair of the Panel is Dr. Manfred REINHARD who was also OSTIV Chair. Dr. REINHARDT organized all panels from 1996 to 2005. The second chair of the panel is Dr. Hermann TRIMMEL. He carried all panel activities from 2005 to 2012. Prof. Dr. Zafer ASLAN has been chaired panels since 2012.

MET Panel, brings together leading scientists, pilots, researchers, engineers, directors of companies in the field of Meteorology for Soaring to exchange information on their latest research progress which covers a wide range of critically important topics.

The VISION of the Meteorological Panel is the worldwide exchange of ideas in the field of meteorology as a contribution to the development of air sports: gliding, hang-gliding, paragliding and ballooning.

The MISSION of the Meteorological Panel is to bring together and coordinate the people and necessary elements to create a forum for education and development.

The STRUCTURE of the Meteorological Panel is designed to offer support and networking opportunities to meteorologists, pilots and other people, who are interested in meteorology for air sports, such as: Regular meetings and seminars to discuss and exchange, ideas of new methods, models and tools and to, measure the atmosphere with gliders or motor gliders; working groups for specific projects.

The Meteorological Panel is chaired by:

Prof. Dr. Zafer ASLAN
Istanbul Aydin University
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
Florya Campus, Inonu Cad. No: 38
34295, Istanbul, TURKEY