Join us!

How to become an OSTIV Member ...

Just fill in the online application or load down the offline application form, fill it in and send it to the OSTIV secretariat.

What you get ...

    1. TECHNICAL SOARING, published quartely, containing papers presented at OSTIV Congresses, reports of other OSTIV meetings and other articles dealing with the scientific and technical aspects of soaring.
    2. TS online
      The e-paper version of TECHNICAL SOARING is available for all OSTIV members.
    3. OSTIV publications at reduced price.
    4. Active and Scientific/Technical members each receive a free copy of any OSTIV publication published since the last OSTIV Congress previous to their admission to OSTIV membership.
    5. Organizing OSTIV Congresses for the reading of scientific and technical papers during and on the World Gliding Championships.
    6. Organizing and assisting training courses devoted to scientific and technical aspects of soaring.
    7. Distribution of OSTV-Letters, informing members, institutions, organisations and all interested persons about the ongoing activities and matters regarding OSTIV's constitutional objectives.

... and what you give

Students under 25 years of age free
Individual Membership EUR 25,-- per year
Scientific/Technical Membership EUR 80,-- per year
Active Membership EUR 250,-- per year