Award presented to Bruce Carmichael

OSTIV Plaque and Klemperer Award

Bruce Carmichael (left), Dan Armstrong

At the OSTIV evening of the recent SSA Convention the OSTIV Plaque and Klemperer Award was awared to

Bruce H. Carmichael

for his many significant contributions to soaring technology in laminar flow research, scholarly papers, popular articles, books and seminars in recent years.

He has made information on laminar flow research, design and practical operation from more than forty years of industry and personal experience available to a wide audience through his many scholarly papers, popular magazine articles and books on ultralight gliders, sailplanes, motor gliders and personal aircraft drag reduction.  In addition, he has planned, organized and conducted dozens of seminars and conferences on soaring technology which have introduced many interested people to the science and culture of soaring. He has inspired and motivated several generations of soaring enthusiasts.

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