by Jannes Neumann

OSTIV–Plaque with Klemperer Award

OSTIV – Plaque with Klemperer Award bestowed onProf. Dr.-Ing. Fred Thomas at XXXII OSTIV Congress 2014 in Leszno, Poland:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fred Thomas

The OSTIV–Plaque with Klemperer Award is bestowed on Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fred Thomas for his tremendous contribution to the entire field of fundamentals in glider and sailplane design, and also for keeping sailplane technology in public attention as one of the foundations of progress in aviation.

As a longtime member of the board of the German Aerospace Center, DLR, and as a member of the academic staff of the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fred Thomas played a large part in the overall conversion of theoretical knowledge in aerodynamics and design principles into the practice and the practical application for aircraft and sailplanes.  As the founder of the Symposium for Sailplane Development in 1977 in Germany and its chairman for 25 years, Fred Thomas developed a worldwide  appreciated and acknowledged public platform for the exchange of science, knowledge and experience in sailplane and soaring technologies and improvements in all aspects of design, construction and flight. Hundreds of well recognised engineers in all areas of aviation owe Fred Thomas the foundation of their careers and professional success.